CPD Seminar - Bourget 2019

The CPD Seminar took place in Paris, from 18th to 20th of June 2019.

Experienced industrial personnel, together with academic experts, will provide an insight of recent R&I developments and critical issues in the field of bonded composite repair, ensuring that seminar participants acquire a full “process understanding”, including a demonstration workshop, tosupport reliable application of bonded repairs, even on Class I (safety critical) structures.

Our 2 keynote speakers were : M. Guillaume Ferrer, from Airbus Customer Services and M. Phillipe Servant from AFI-KLM.


Participants Conference Room        
M. Schnittger - Hansair ; M. Kitsianos & M. Chemama - GMI Aero M. Ferrer - Airbus Customers Services        
Konstatinos Tserpes - University of Patras Roland Chemama - GMI Aero        
Participants M. George Kanterakis - GMI Aero        
Participants Participants